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Rental Policy Statement

The following rental guidelines have been established to ensure that all Applicants receive equal consideration in determining their eligibility to rent at our communities:

1. The Owner and all employees shall obey all fair housing laws, including federal and state regulations which prohibit discrimination regarding any application for housing on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap or disability, age, familial status, ancestry, source of income, medical condition, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information or any arbitrary basis.
2. Each adult (18 years or older) must fill out the Application to Rent completely. Incomplete applications will not be processed. In addition, all data and references listed on the rental application must be verifiable. Providing false information on the application shall be cause for rejection. Please note that a unit cannot be taken off the market unless Applicant(s) has(have) provided documentation to process the credit check and is qualified, a holding deposit has been received, and the Holding Deposit/Offer to Rent Agreement has been signed. Applicants applying online or out of area need to provide notarized documentation before processing.
3. Each applicant shall have a good credit rating established which will be verified through Core Logic. Lease decision is based upon a combined lease score of all applicants. A score of 370 or higher is approved, a score of 319 or less is rejected and a score between 320 and 369 is accepted with conditions i.e. double the security deposit.
4. Applicant's employment and/or other source of income must be verifiable. Acceptable income verification includes, but is not limited to: W-2 form, a copy of applicant's most recent tax return, (for new hires only) a certified offer of employment on company letterhead, (The following require 2 consecutive months of documents) applicants most recent paycheck stubs, bank statements, proof of government payments (such as welfare, disability, social security, etc), proof of spousal and/or child support payment, proof of retirement income, etc. A copy of this proof of income will be required. The combined gross income of all applicants per unit must be equal to or greater than 2.5 times the monthly rent or 2.5 times the balance in the savings account equal or greater to 6 months or term of the lease, whichever is greater.
5.Current and prior landlord's references will be verified. Failure to pay rent on time, to give a full 30 days notice in writing prior to termination of tenancy, to protect property or to respect the rights of other tenants will disqualify the applicant. Any evictions on the applicant's record shall be cause for rejection of the application.
6. Criminal convictions for manufacturing and/or distribution of illegal controlled substances will disqualify the Applicant.
7. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age or an emancipated minor in order to sign the rental agreement. For verification purposes, each Applicant must present a government issued photo identification prior to signing the rental agreement. Upon signing of the lease, a copy of the photo identification will be required. Military Identification cards cannot be photocopied, therefore an alternative identification card must be provided.
8. The occupancy standards established for this community are studio and 1 bedroom units no more than 3 occupants, 2 bedroom units no more than 5 occupants and 3 bedroom units no more than 7 occupants. For studio units, we follow the Uniform Housing Code which requires that the unit shall have not less than 220 square feet of superficial floor area (total square footage minus bathroom and closet (space) for the first two persons and an additional 100 square feet of superficial floor area for each occupant in excess of two.
9. Prior to occupancy, each Applicant will be required to sign a Rental Agreement. The security deposit and the first month's rent shall be paid in full upon signing the Rental Agreement and prior to occupancy of the unit via certified funds (money order or cashier's check) only. As an exception you can pay by logging onto www.papinc.com and pay by e-check or credit card via a third party. Click on the green PAY RENT button on the top right. (Convenience charge applies for online payment. Any returned checks will result in a $25.00 charge and additional returned checks may apply if you pay online. Details are on the website.). If you need help with this process, please call 1-866-729-5327.
9a. This property participates in a third party utility charge back service. For some utilities you will need to establish service in your name. Other utilities will be billed to you by a third party. Details can be viewed on the lease draft (available upon request). Verification that utility service has been established must be provided prior to occupancy.
9b. If the property requires residents to purchase and maintain a renter's insurance policy for the entire term of the tenancy, verification of said policy must be provided prior to occupancy. Details can be viewed on the lease draft.
10. Pets are not allowed without prior written consent from Management. The following items are required: medical vaccination records, proof of ongoing renter's insurance coverage, pet license and a fully executed Pet Agreement. Assistance animals for the disabled are not considered to be pets but still require prior written approval from management. No additional deposit will be required for an assistance animal. Evidence of licensing, vaccinations and/or certifications, if legally applicable, must be provided initially and updated annually.
11. Translator: To provide understanding of the responsibilities of the parties, this section is incorporated by reference as part of the rental agreement entered into by Owner and Prospect(s)/Resident(s).

Negotiation of contracts:
A. In order to avoid the appearance of preferential treatment of certain nationalities, it is the policy of Owner/Agent to conduct business negotiation in the English language only.
B. All documents will be provided in English Only.
C. Any persons who are unable to understand contract written or negotiated in English should provide their own translator.

Qualifications of translators:
A. Persons acting as translators must be 18 years of age or older and execute this document under penalty of perjury.
B. Persons acting as translators must possess the capacity to properly translate written and oral negotiations and documents for the parties hereto.

If any legal action or proceeding is brought by either party to enforce any part of this Agreement in its entirety, the prevailing party shall recover in addition to other relief, reasonable attorney's fees (not to exceed $1,000) and costs.

12. To ensure equal consideration for all Applicants, deviations from the aforementioned rental policies shall not be permitted by the on-site management staff. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved in writing by the corporate office.
13. Rent and other payments can be made online through our website, www.papinc.com. Go to www.papinc.com Click the green PAY RENT button on the top right
Enter your email and password if a returning user, or click Create Your Account if it is your first time.
On Create Your Account page, enter the requested information, select the I agree to the terms and conditions of use box, and click Create Account
Set up your payment schedule to generate each month automatically or log in each month to initiate the payment manually, it’s under your control. You can set up your payment to pull from your bank account {ACH} or by a credit card. ACH payments will incur a minimal processing fee of $1.00 if pulled from your bank account. Contact Paylease at 1-866-729-5327 for information regarding fees when using a credit card.

Payments are BY MAIL ONLY to the following address: PAN AMERICAN PROPERTIES, INC. PO BOX 845540 LOS ANGELES, CA 90084-5540. Your payment must include the Property Code and Account Number for accurate processing otherwise it will be returned and subject to a late fee. Your Property Code is E82

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